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Exterior Blind and Shade system by EZ Snap “Innovative Product of the Year”

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  EZ Snap exterior blinds and window shades are your answer for outside shading of windows or exterior window blinds. EZ Snap shade screen is an optical grade of shade cloth designed to block up to 90% of the sun’s heat, without blocking the view. Unlike Bamboo blinds, EZ snap blinds do not block your view. Bamboo blinds also looks cheap, rot and fade quickly.

  The new patented EZ Snap fasteners has allowed thousands of “Do-it-yourselfers” to install their own exterior blinds and window shades with professional looking results every time. EZ Snap has a full line of products featuring the new, patented EZ Snap fasteners. Products like:

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Block the heat not the view text

The images below are of the same window
One is the outside view and the other is the inside view of the same window
after the EZ Snap mesh was installed

Day Time Privacy
(Outside View)

EZ Snap Outside Pic Master

Glare Free View
(Inside View, same window with mesh)

EZ Snap Inside Pic Master1

Benefits of installing EZ Snap Exterior Shades:

EZ Snap exterior shades have the following benefits for residential window shades, RV and Motor home windshield shades and blinds or skylight blinds.

EZ Snap BulletUp to 7 times more effective at stopping heat than interior shading products like blinds or tinting.

EZ Snap BulletProvides daytime privacy while still allowing natural light and visibility on the inside.

EZ Snap BulletCan lower interior temperature as much as 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

EZ Snap BulletCools the surface of the windows glass as well as lowers interior temperatures.

EZ Snap BulletDesigned to be long lasting and durable in extremely hot climates and can even if left up through the winter.

EZ Snap BulletReduces glare while still allowing lots of ambient light to enter.

EZ Snap BulletPrevents birds hitting windows ( effectively stopping birds from hitting window glass).

EZ Snap BulletPays for itself by lowering or eliminating air conditioning expenses.

EZ Snap BulletMildew and fade resistant

EZ Snap BulletEasily cleaned with a garden hose on or off the window

EZ Snap BulletDirt on the glass does not show up when shade mesh is installed, as compared to glass without mesh.


EZ Snap BulletOptical Grade Mesh, designed to block the Heat, not the View

EZ Snap BulletWeather and wind resistant

EZ Snap BulletUnlike window tinting, there is no risk of damaging your windows weather seal

EZ Snap BulletIs easily removed for storage, cleaning or to benefit from the sun's heat in the winter months

EZ Snap BulletUnlike tinting that can be scratched our mesh is child and pet resistant

EZ Snap BulletCan be used on nearly any size or shape of window

EZ Snap BulletIs easily installed by any a first time "Do-it-yourselfer" without specialized tools

EZ Snap BulletHelps reduce global warming by reducing power heavy air-conditioner use.

EZ Snap BulletAdjustable EZ Snaps allow for a professional, wrinkle free install every time






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