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Exterior Shades & Blinds featuring the DIY Snap Fastener System.

More effective than cheap outdoor roller shades or full up bamboo shades.

Cut-to-size exterior shade system. Install your own heat blocking shades quickly & easily.

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Block the Heat, Not the View

Snap on Exterior Blinds block up to 90% of the sun’s heat. Shade your windows & skylights with DIY Kits.

No Holes to Drill

Using 3M Adhesive Fasteners, do-it-yourself installation requires no special tools or experience. Exterior Window & Skylight Shades are held with peel-and-stick snaps, not screws.

Quality without High Cost

Forget adding extra frames for solar shades. Do it Yourself with cut-to-size exterior shade screens & fasteners in a kit shipped right to your door.


Fits All Windows

Featuring our non-fray Shade mesh fabric. Allows you to cut exterior shades to size and snap onto your window or skylight frames.

EZSnap Exterior Shades on Arched Windows

Exterior Window Shades

For exterior shades or blinds, make sure to select Optical Grade window shading screen material. Most shade cloth or exterior solar screens provide significant shade, however, many of them also distort your vision.

The best exterior blinds block the sun’s heat, not the view…

Be sure that your shading mesh has a very high amount of U.V. ray protection built in. 90% shade factor is the sweet spot for exterior window blinds and shades. Even in the most severe sun exposure applications, 90% shade factor will provide relief from heat and UV damage from the sun.

Exterior Skylight Shades

Exterior Skylight Sun Shades

The best exterior window or skylight blinds block up to 90% of the sun’s heat, but still let lots of natural light into your home.

Watch the video demo and you will realize that exterior skylight shade kits are the quickest and easiest way for you to block the heat from entering your skylight, without blocking the natural light.

DIY exterior skylight blind kits will fit any skylight, from the smallest size, all the way up to 6′ x 50′.

RV Window Shades

Make your own exterior solar blinds and RV sun shades using Snap Fasteners without screws.

So simple and effective to use that anyone can do it. No special tools required.

These fasteners let you adjust the shading mesh until it’s wrinkle free. Then they lock together to form a strong, durable and removable snap.

Exterior Blind & Shade Reviews

Window & Skylight Shade Testimonials from EZ Snap Customers.

Really Happy

We are really happy with the EZ Snap System screen. Our house has a room with a with a very large window facing east. I placed a thermometer in that room through the summer. On sunny days, the thermometer commonly read 30c (86f). This was the reading, even though the air conditioner was running and other rooms in the house were being maintained in the low 20 degrees Celsius.

We made sure all vents were completely open in the room. We first installed interior solar shades and even blackout window blinds. These two items did help some, but the room was still unusable and very hot.We even paid for a HVAC company to do an inspection. They said the insulation, ducting etc was good. The problem was the heat load from the window. This window was only 3 years old and so we thought the only way to fix this would be to replace the window with a smaller one. That solution solution was going to be a huge project, as well as very expensive, as that section of the house has a stone exterior.

Before we downsized the window, I thought I would research one more time and look for a less expensive option. I found the EZ Snap exterior shades and figured for less than $200, it was worth a try, especially compared to the new window, which was going to cost thousands.

THIS SHADE SYSTEM IS FANTASTIC.The shades look good on the house, although I noticed that when I installed them that I put a few wrinkles into the fabric in the corners. Most important though is that they are the functionality and they work. We put the shades up on a hot Summer weekend.

On day 1 (Saturday), before the screens went up, the room was 29 degrees by 10:30 AM.The outside temperature was 25 degrees Celsius.

On day 2 ( Sunday), with the screens up, the room never got warmer than 23 degrees.The outside temperature was also 25 degrees Celsius.

ONE MONTH LATER.Since installing EZ Snap, the thermometer in that room shows the temperature is now remaining the same as the rest of the house. I'm a little shocked every time I walk into the room, as I expect to be hit by a heat wave. Problem Solved.

Great product...

Great product. Delivered on time by UPS.

What a difference!

What a difference! Easy to install and looks great on my windows. I would recommend this to anyone that needs to protect the inside of their home or floors from damaging UV rays in the summer. The adhesive snaps work well on glass or metal, just make sure you wait at least 24 hours for the adhesive to really bite onto the surface, before you install the shade cloth material that comes in the kit.

Exactly as We Hoped

Everything turned out exactly as we hoped. Easy to install and very effective. We allowed the base studs of the snap to set for three days before installing the shades on the exterior windows of our yacht. So far, they have survived a summer in Baltimore, Maryland and an Atlantic Ocean and ICW trip down to St. Petersburg, Florida. If you follow the directions and clean the window and use rubbing alcohol on the area where you will adhere the snap and allow it to cure, all you should be fine.

by Dwayne S. on Exterior Blinds & Shades
Love this...

Love this stuff, made a huge difference in the heat allowed into the house.

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